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Kind Awareness: Meditations and Reflections on the Buddhist Path of Awakening
WEEK OF JANUARY 3-8 , 2016
Using a hybrid of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation techniques, Noah will offer an experience of the teachings and practices of the Buddha. We will learn how to develop a greater sense of care for ourselves and for our world through these revolutionary spiritual teachings of the Buddha. The workshop explores the way that true spiritual practice is an engagement with life that goes against the norms of our confused society and is therefore an act of rebellion. This ancient path of awakening our own deepest wisdom and compassion is accessible to all who choose it. Instructions in meditation and guidance in the Buddhist path to liberation will be offered.


***Breitenbush Hot Springs**

Mar 29 – Apr 3 Noah Levine
Refuge Recovery Retreat

The Buddhist path to treating addiction is one of developing wisdom and compassion through meditation, renunciation and wise actions such as service, amends, forgiveness and generosity. Buddhism offers a non-theistic spiritual path, Refuge Recovery follows the traditional Four Truths and Eight Fold Path of early Buddhism. Refuge Recovery is a program that can be worked in conjunction with or as an alternative to the Twelve Step approach. During this retreat there will be periods of meditation, talks on Buddhist recovery, group discussion and Refuge Recovery meetings.

Noah Levine is the founder of the “Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society” with centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco and over 20 affiliated groups in North America and Europe. He teaches meditation groups, gives workshops and leads retreats internationally. Noah has created a process of addiction recovery based on the teachings of the Buddha called Refuge Recovery. He is the author of Dharma Punx, Against the Stream, Heart of the Revolution and Refuge Recovery.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320


***Joshua Tree***
Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Howard Cohn, Wes Nisker, Noah Levine, Lila Kate Wheeler, George Mumford, Franz Moeckl (qigong)
April 29 - May 8
Yucca Valley at Joshua Tree Retreat Center
$1645 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher(s) and retreat staff.
Will open for registration on 12/16/2015

For over 30 years Jack Kornfield has been making an annual pilgrimage to the high and spacious desert of Yucca Valley. This retreat is an opportunity to practice in the serene and natural beauty of the high desert in full bloom. The beautiful desert environment becomes a mirror for the beauty of the unfolding heart and the spaciousness of mind achieved through the meditation practice. For many, it has become an annual springtime pilgrimage.

Join Jack and other teachers to deeply experience the Dharma in this favorable combination of conditions and teachings. This retreat emphasizes quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing loving-kindness, clarity and depth of practice. The retreat will include systematic vipassana instructions, silent sitting and walking periods, dharma talks, interviews and a daily guided movement meditation. An excellent first retreat or a great way to renew your practice.


May 27-30 – Memorial Day Retreat at Joshua Tree California. Opens for registration Jan 1, 2016.

Aug 21-28 – East Coast Retreat at Dharma Drum Retreat Center in Pine Bush, NY. Opens for registration April 1.

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